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About Us

I’ve always loved bubbles. Beauty, science and silliness all wrapped in a friendly little orb, ephemeral to a fault. I know the chemistry, I learned the recipe, I know the why and the how, yet I’m still in awe every time I balance one on my finger or see it land silently on top of the water in a tub. I love textures, colors and the way smells make you remember something from the past.

I became obsessed with creating soaps that felt different, smoother, like they’re wrapping something intimate around you. Something you miss when it’s gone. I get lost for hours in our workshop formulating, experimenting, testing, trying to unlock their secrets.

The result is a line of products that people come back to again and again. We use only the best ingredients and a unique process that delivers our signature lather. Our soaps, bubble baths and body creams are made in small batches, so the essence is never lost, and locally sold in fine boutiques by people who have a deep appreciation for the beautiful things in life.

Enjoy. Share with a friend.

 - Tracy